Current bLogs at the RS Archive

bLogging at the Archive — about the bLogs here at the Rudolf Steiner Archive. Rudolf Steiner Archive — what’s happening  at the Rudolf Steiner Archive. Now I See … — Anthroposophical Book Reviews on non-anthroposophical Books. Fine Arts Presentations — an e.Gallery of painters, sculptors and other artists. KnowNews dot… Continue reading

History of the Initiative

1980 to the Present In the late 1970’s and early 1980’s, Werner Glas and Hans Gebert were both at the Rudolf Steiner Institute, then located in Southfield, Michigan. The e.Librarian — then affectionately known as “the bearded one,” or “that guy over there” (see photo) — was fairly new to… Continue reading

Statement of Purpose and Intent

Many people have asked “what is the intent and/or purpose of this Archive” — or words to that effect. This document should answer almost all of those questions. Other questions will be tackled as the need arises. What we have here is a Library: just like the community-based libraries that… Continue reading